5 Ways To Minimize The Morning After

Doing the party circuit? Try these 5 ways to minimize the morning after tricks for partying healthy without missing out on all the culinary and cocktail indulgences.

It’s awards season, which means it’s also awards party season. If you’re still rocking the health resolutions, cheers to you (please pass the canapes)! If you’ve let a few of them slide, no judgments from us. We’re in the camp of having good, healthy fun without sucking the joy out of life. Turns out, that’s also the philosophy of NY-based rock & roll doc, Dr. Gabrielle Francis. She teaches her celebrity clients a few tricks — she calls them “Harm Reduction Techniques” (HRTs) — that allow them to party healthy without missing out on a good time.

Try her tricks to minimize the dreaded morning after:

Drink half as much.

(Um, I thought you said we wouldn’t have to miss out on a good time…). Okay, there’s a catch. Certain ingredients can impact how slowly or quickly the liver metabolizes alcohol, says Dr. Francis. When you add them to your cocktails, you sip less than you normally would.

The HRT: Splash some grapefruit juice in your martini. It contains naringenin, which slows how quickly your liver detoxes your drinks which keeps alcohol in your blood longer. This means you can drink half as much — so fewer calories, sugar and alcohol — and get the same feel-good effects.

Get rid of the burrito baby.

So you’ve been eyeing charcuterie platter, or worse, took a 1⁄3 of it down while “grazing” and mingling. Great for your protein intake, but not so great for that fitted dress.

The HRT: Good news, there’s a fix: “Enzymes can help reduce the bloating and gas from overindulging on meats, dairy or fat, says Dr. Francis. She recommends taking an enzyme that contains HCL/Pepsin, which are the stomach enzymes that help you to digest protein and fats. “ If you’re overindulging on carbohydrates like wheat and sugar, take pancreatic enzymes, which help digest and break down the sugars.” Take them with food and sidestep the side effects before they start.

Beat morning-after bloating.

Alcohol, wheat and sugar — basically the major ingredients in any respectable happy hour — can cause bloating by the time you wake the next day.

The HRT: Dr. Francis recommends using a topical argan oil infused with slenderizing ingredients such as Moroccan Elixir, which contains essential oils such as juniper, rosemary, grapefruit that act as natural diuretics. Herbal teas are another option. Shoot for ones that are naturally diuretic, too. Think uva ursi, dandelion or chicory. Finally, OTC herbal remedies, like turmeric and boswellia, also reduce symptoms and discomfort.

Order an electrolyte chaser.


You know the old rule: One glass of water for every cocktail you drink… keeps the hangover away. The new rule, however, is that hydrating can be healthier when it’s enhanced with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

The HRT: Doctor up your H20 with Emergen-C or other electrolyte drinks while you’re cocktailing. “They increase potassium, calcium and magnesium and prevent hangovers and headaches due to dehydration from the alcohol,” Dr. Francis says. If you forget to pack electrolytes in your clutch, down them with a tall glass of water before going to sleep.

Grab a protein snack before bed.

Certain foods or ingredients — coffee, alcohol, sugar and carbs — will raise cortisol and make you wake up in the middle of the night, says Dr. Francis. They also raise insulin levels which cause you to crave even more junk and put on pounds over time.

The HRT: “Eat a small protein snack before bed to lower cortisol, stabilize blood sugar and keep you sleeping through the night,” says Dr. Francis. Nuts, lean meats or a healthy protein bar should do the trick.

This article and photos are used with permission. This was originally published by Honestly Beautiful, January 26, 2016.