The Love Hour! Acupuncture Session…

Energize and Balance Your Heart Chakra with this Acupuncture Session… The Love Hour

  • Forgive and Let Go
  • Open the Heart
  • Balance the Mind & Emotions 
  • Attract Love
  • Magnify Compassion 

What does the LOVE Hour Include?

Cup of Passion Flower Tea: This delicious rich red high anti-oxidant tea is known for its heart opening qualities. It starts by calming the nerves, relieving stress, and lifting the mood.It is also a great remedy for sadness, grief and anger.

Pick a Love Affirmation Card: Your love affirmation message can help to guide your meditation during your session as you set an intention to open your heart.

Wei Love Meditation Chocolate: Savor this Delicious Organic chocolate while you meditate on your intentions to magnetize love and compassion.

Heart Centered Acupuncture Session: This 45 minute acupuncture session will focus on balancing, energizing, and harmonizing the Heart and Pericardium channels of Traditional Chinese medicine.

We have carefully curated special acupuncture points for balancing, energizing and harmonizing the heart and pericardium channels in addition to using special points specific to your needs.

The Heart Meridian is the organ and channel that pumps our blood and controls circulation. According to TCM It is also associated clarity of mind and emotions as well.

When the Heart Meridian is out of balance we experience depression, worry, anxiety, grief, and a sensation of heaviness in the chest. By restoring balance to the heart you will feel a light open quality in the heart and mind space, an openness to forgive, a softening of grief, an increase in passion and joy, and warm feelings of compassion.

The Pericardium Channel is the protection around the heart. Imbalances of the Pericardium channel result from trauma, loss, death, divorce, and breakups of intimate relationships. When the Pericardium is out of balance the individual will swing between the extremes of being too open and having no boundaries (doormat syndrome) or being completely shut down emotionally which may lead to bitterness.

By restoring balance to the pericardium channel you will be gifted with discernment in love. You will have the wisdom to know when to be open and when to be more protective. But your heart will stay fluid and soft.

Lotus Wei: Infinite Love: During the acupuncture session you will be anointed and sprayed with Infinite Love serum and spray. This flower essence and essential oil blend is wonderful for opening the heart, forgiving, releasing grief and sadness, and attracting love.

A little Infinite Love elixir will send you on your way and extend the benefits of your LOVE hour!


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$150 For One Person

$250 for Two People