The Emerald Tablet

EMERALD TABLET is our Workshop, Seminar and Educational Information series. Pursuit of Self Knowledge is essential for the Transformation of body, mind and spirit. Our educational series is designed to educate and empower people on their journey towards balance, harmony and wholeness. We believe that knowledge imparts a sense of personal responsibility and can lead to true freedom.

“Give, and you feed for a day. Teach, and you feed for a lifetime.”


RxStar Remedy Detox Video Workshop

Dr. Gabrielle Francis gives you a detailed walk through of the The RxStar Remedy Detox Program. She also explains the difference in the RxStar Remedy Detox Entry levels: General Admission, VIP, or Backstage.

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DATE: At Your Convenience

LOCATION: Your Mac or PC

COST: Free

Health Food Rocks! Video Workshop

Health Food Rocks! Video Workshop

Welcome to the Health Food Rocks! Video Workshop In this Health Food Rocks! video workshop, Dr. Francis introduces her Health Food Rocks! program the goes along with her book THE ROCKSTAR REMEDY. She explains Health Food, defines whole foods and whole food eating. Whole, Organic, Local. She will outline the basic principals and the 90/10 […]

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DATE: Anytime you want

LOCATION: Your Mac or PC

COST: Free

Love Hour at The Herban Alchemist

The Love Hour! Acupuncture Session…

Energize and Balance Your Heart Chakra with this Acupuncture Session… The Love Hour!  RSVP: Call: 212-925-8772 The Herban Alchemist 137 Grand Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10013 $150 For One Person $250 for Two People Forgive and Let Go Open the Heart Balance the Mind & Emotions  Attract Love Magnify Compassion  What does the LOVE Hour Include? Cup of Passion […]

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DATE: Ongoing

LOCATION: The Herban Alchemist ♥ 137 Grand St. For 2 ♥ New York 10013

COST: $250 per 2 people or $150 per person


2017 Detox Smoothie Bundle Sale

Treat your body in 2017! Use coupon code: Detox2017 to receive 15% off your Detox Smoothing Bundle. Hurry, for 1 week only! Sale ends January 17, 2017

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DATE: 1/10 through 1/17/2017


COST: 15% off using coupon code: Detox2017

Happy Hour Mandela Small

Happy Hour at The Herban Alchemist

Join us for Happy Hour at The Herban Alchemist

The Herban Alchemist has the remedy for the wintertime blues!
Thursdays from 4-7pm
RSVP: at 212-925-8772

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DATE: Thursdays from 4-7 pm

LOCATION: The office of The Herban Alchemist 137 Grand St., 2nd floor New York, NY 10013

COST: $50

Natures Cure Diabetes

Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: A Functional Medicine Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

Lunchtime Webinar Series Topics Covered Lab testing to identify patients on the diabetes and metabolic syndrome spectrumRole of inflammation and toxicity in diabetes and metabolic syndrome Balancing hormones in diabetes and metabolic syndrome: adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones Nutritional and dietary approaches to treatment of metabolic syndrome Exercise and sleep recommendations for diabetes Addressing fatigue […]

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DATE: Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016 @ 12:30 EST and 12:30 PST


COST: Free


The ROCKSTAR Retreat

Book your ROCKSTAR RETREAT not to clean out and have fun in Sayulita, Mexico.

Join us for a week of being treated like a ROCKSTAR after a tour! Spend your week with Dr. Gabrielle Francis and an incredible team of Body Workers that will change your life!

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DATE: September 17-24, 2016

LOCATION: Teitiare Estate, Sayulita, Mexico

COST: $4750.00 +

New Mother Post Natal Workshop The Herban Alchemist

New Mother, New Baby Post Natal Rejuvenation Workshop

Join Dr. Gabrielle Francis in this informative workshop on the positive actions that you can take as a New Mother. Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit so that you may enjoy your experience as a new mother

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LOCATION: The Herban Alchemist 137 Grand St, Floor 2 New York, NY 10013 • 212-925-8772

COST: Cost: 50$ per person (Cash, check, credit card)

RockStar Hangover Cure Dr. Francis Chasing News

Party Like A RockStar? Here’s your hangover cure!

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Foods for Colds and Flu

Foods and Vitamins for Cold and Flu Relief

Click here to watch! It is flu season; did you know there are certain foods you can eat that boost your immune system? Dr. Gabrielle Francis is the author of “The Rockstar Remedy” and has been practicing holistic medicine for more than 30 years. She says it is about understanding why certain things are good for you, […]

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Dr. Francis on NY1

Recipes That Could Help Your Body Stay Healthy During Winter

Click to watch now! Dr. Gabrielle Francis is a holistic doctor that offers recipes that could help you fight off a cold and flu. She believes a healthy diet, supplements and herbs can go a long way towards keeping you healthy this winter. Dr. Francis says there are herbal antivirals and antibiotics you should be taking.

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New York City Girl Tonya Sharma

New York City Girl with Tonya Sharma – Interview 4: Dr Gabrielle Francis on Mayan massage

Tonya Sharma interviews Dr. Gabrielle Francis, who discusses the practice of mayan massage and it’s benefits.

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Herban-Adventure-Cleveland-Dr francis Patti Francis

Herban Adventure Cleveland with Patti Francis

Herban Adventure Cleveland with Dr. G’s mom Patti Francis. Meet Dr. G’s mom, Patti Francis. Learn the anti-aging secrets of Patti and her sister Bobbi!

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Moroccan-Elixir-CBS-Sunday-Morning Argan Oil

Moroccan Elixir Feature Story on CBS Sunday Morning

Argan Oil, goats and the Marjana Co-Operative. This great feature tells the story of Argan Oil and the women of the Marjana Co-Operative, supplier of argan oil for Moroccan Elixir argan oil products. It also features Ahmed Jeriouda and Dr. Gabrielle Francis. The nut of the argan tree, which grows in the Moroccan countryside of Essaouira, contains a valuable oil […]

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Gear Up for Music Festivals Dr. Francis

Gear Up For Music Festivals

In the video series, Gear Up For Music Fesitvals, Dr. Gabrielle Francis shows you what to pack in your Fest-Aid kit. You will learn to have a better, healthier music festival experience.

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