Gear Up for Music Festivals Dr. Francis

Gear Up For Music Festivals

In the video series, Gear Up For Music Fesitvals, Dr. Gabrielle Francis shows you what to pack in your Fest-Aid kit. You will learn to have a better, healthier music festival experience.

Introduction to Gear Up For Music Festivals

Happy Feet for Dancing: It’s music festival and concert time! Dr. G helps you pack your FEST-AID KIT to get the most of your experience by keeping your feet happy for rocking out, dancing or moshing!

H2O and Hydrate: Dr. G explains the importance of hydration and how you can hydrate with more than plain old H2O, Like how coconut water has the same Ozz-molarity as our blood.

Healthy Munchies: Wondering what kind of munches to pack in your FEST-AID KIT? Dr. G will show you the best snacks to keep you strong, balanced and energized!