RxStar Remedy Detox Video Workshop

Enjoy the workshop.

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INTRODUCTION: Dr. Gabrielle Francis gives you a detailed walk through of the The RxStar Remedy Detox Program. She also explains the difference in the RxStar Remedy Detox Entry levels: General Admission, VIP, or Backstage.

DETOX 101: Dr. Gabrielle Francis explains the benefits of The RxStar Remedy Detox. It takes the bad stuff out and puts the good stuff back in. In this series you will learn how to detoxify our body, mind, spirit and home to receive the maximum benefits of your detox!

RxStar Remedy Stage 1 – Detox Your Diet: Shake It Up Baby: Dr. Gabrielle Francis talks about Detoxing your diet, “leaky gut syndrome” and how it affects our health. She explains the smoothie and what each ingredient does and how it will rebuild your body’s foundation. Shake It Up, Baby!

Stage 2 – Your RxStar BodyIn phase 2 of your detox, you will learn what treatments and fitness regimes will help you eliminate additional toxins from your body. Unload the things that are not useful to you anymore. Try to do them all for a better detoxing adventure.

Stage 3 – Detox your Mind and Spirit: This is the “Free Spirit” stage, where you will learn the different ways to detox your mind and spirit. This includes detoxing your relationships as well, letting go of resentment, forgiveness and mindfulness. You can also find a checklist in the RxStar Remedy Detox Program – User Guide. As George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic said, “Free your mind and your ass will follow”.

Stage 4 – Detoxing Your Home and Lifestyle: Dr. Gabrielle Francis talks about detoxing your home, office and lifestyle. Get rid of those toxic cleaning products and replace with organic and biodegradable. And, always remember, what you put on your skin goes in your skin and body!

The After Party: Hey Rockstar! You finished your detox! It’s time for the after party! Let’s keep it going! Make the positive affects of your detox last more than all night. Use Dr. Francis’ harm reduction tips, Health Food Rocks! Guide and follow the 90/10 rule.