The Alchemist

Dr. Gabrielle Francis has been practicing holistic medicine for over 33 years. She utilises chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and oriental medicine, and massage to treat a broad range of maladies and to restore optimal health and balance to her patients.

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The Philosopher's Stone

How To Eat Clean, Even If You're Eating Out

How To Eat Clean, Even If You’re Eating Out

Written by: Dr. Gabrielle Francis for When you’re traveling and eating most of your meals at restaurants, it can be hard to maintain a clean diet. The best options for eating out are typically local (rather than chain stores) or family-run restaurants that serve healthy, organic options. If trying new foods is challenging for you, […]

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Adrian Grenier – SHFT and Food Tripping

ADRIAN GRENIER – Musician-noise maker, Actor, Film Maker, Activist Talks SHFT and FOOD TRIPPING Interview by Dr. Gabrielle Francis SHFT…The Culture of Today’s Environment There is currently a paradigm shift towards sustainability and environmentalism that is happening in all aspects of society…lifestyle, culture, industry, health, food, fashion, consumerism, and media. With this Shift there is a […]

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Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro Unplugged…on Relationships

An excerpt from an Interview by Lonn M. Friend For “The Rockstar Remedy” I look at my band as a family unit. With that come all the joys and pain and suffering of any family unit. It’s highly loving and highly dysfunctional. You’re dealing with a multitude of egos as well. There’s a certain acknowledgment […]

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Dr. G Herban Garden

The Herban Garden – Live from New York

Live from her rooftop garden in NYC, Dr. Gabrielle Francis shows her medicinal plants. “I love the summer in NYC because I get to immerse myself in my rooftop garden. The plants provide endless beauty and some great editions to the salads and teas. Here is a little wisdom about the medicinal benefits of some of […]

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