The Alchemist

Dr. Gabrielle Francis has been practicing holistic medicine for over 33 years. She utilises chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and oriental medicine, and massage to treat a broad range of maladies and to restore optimal health and balance to her patients.

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The Philosopher's Stone


Michael Franti On Health, Wellness and The Rockstar Remedy

The terms “healthy living” and “rock star” are rarely used in the same sentence. In fact when most of us think of the Rock & Roll lifestyle, the first word that comes to mind is “excess”—too much partying, too many wild nights, too much sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll. The truth is that while […]

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Farro Buddha Bowl Navitas Naturals

Farro Buddha Bowl by Navitas Naturals

Farro Buddha Bowl by Navitas Naturals will nourish your body. This well ­balanced Farro Buddha bowl takes advantage of flavorful natural foods to create a fresh yet filling entrée. Ingredients 1 15 ounce can Navy Beans, drained 1 small clove Garlic 1⁄4 cup Olive Oil, divided Sea Salt and ground Black Pepper 1 pound seedless Red […]

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Detox Green vegetables smoothie

9 Tips to Keep That Green Juice Detox Safe

It seems no matter where you look, you see claims that a green juice detox is either the healthiest thing you could possibly do for your body or the most destructive diet you’ll ever undertake. It’s a polarizing concept, and it truly doesn’t need to be. The truth is that juicing, like so many of […]

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safe sun practice sun screen

Safe Sun Practices

Re-apply sunscreen frequently. Sweating and swimming dilute any sunscreen’s effectiveness. Next to using too low of a sun protection factor (SPF) or a total lack of protection, the failure to reapply sunscreen consistently is the main cause of burning. In intense sun, reapply at least every hour. Don’t rub it in. Rapid absorption of lotion leaves the outermost layers […]

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